Welcome students to our very first wiki. A wiki is a website that allows you to work collaboratively with other students within your school or around the world. You can write a story in a wiki and a friend can go in and edit what you have written and you can do the same with their story. It is where you and a group of students in your classroom can brainstorm on a project while at home. Wikis are used by other schools in our state, country, and the world everyday.

I will use this wiki to communicate with you while at school or home. I will allow your teachers to do the same. Homework assignments can be given by your teacher with a wiki. Your teacher will know if you have completed your homework by checking the wiki. Your teacher can also have you to do a group project which will require that you use the wiki for collaborating (working together) your ideas.

This wiki will also have fun and educational sites that you can do at home, school or during summer break. This is something new for everyone at our school, so we all will be learning together. I look forward to teaching you many new things and ways how to use technology and the internet safely and creatively.

Remember everything can be used for good in serving others, when it is used with wisdom!

Mrs. Snell